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Ilfracombe to Swansea Route £2500

This route starts in Ilfracombe Harbour and finishes on the Swansea and Gower Coastline.

This is the longest route we have on offer and is 24 nautical miles in a straight line and approx. 30 miles when taking into account the tides. 

Whilst is it the longest route we have on offer, the tide plays it part, on the positive side there are no sand banks to worry about. 

This one is one that is close to our heart. This was the first swim that we were able to work on in 2009. The swimmer, Gethin, was able to swim from Ilfracombe to Caswell bay in Swansea in 21 hours and 39min. He did  phenomenal job. Gethin is still a close friend and happy to help advise people on their swims. 

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